Pur Natur high protein

Yogurt and fromage frais are both sources of high-quality proteins that are essential in everyone’s eating pattern, and delicious at every moment of the day.
Proteins provide your body not only of the necessary energy, but they help to keep your blood tension down, to fight overweight and to stimulate muscle recovery.
Thanks to the high protein yogurt and fromage frais of Pur Natur, your body takes in a significant more protein level than whilst eating regular dairy. New in the assortment is the yogurt high protein & fruit. Available in 3 tastes: raspberry/aronia, gooseberry or banana.

Yogurt high protein with raspberry & aronia 4x125g


Organic full-fat stirred high protein yogurt raspberry & aronia.

Contains significant more proteins than the regular yogurt. Especially sportsmen, seniors, vegetarians, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and persons with a specific disorder or injury can use these extra proteins. They need them more than an average person.